All the sudden Pirate Captain much more of an annoying class

I honestly don’t like how pvp is today, well, it was never that great in the first place although I wasted my time with it. It’s strange how Ice Sage had a nerf before where the ult only lasted for less than 3.5 seconds which you couldn’t kill someone in one shot now it’s back to normal. Then poor Lunar Lancer’s lost their speed which makes me so uncomfortable in pvp because it feels 10x slower and it runs awkward when it’s slow. All the sudden Pirate Captain much more of an annoying class to pass by because of it’s AOE.

I remember chloromancer’s first nerf in pvp or should I say pve as well with the leafy lashers where you can summon less which made it easier for people to run pass by. Then now it’s somewhat back to normal but you can’t summon more than like 3 lashers but a chloromancer can still at least block the flag well but a tip… dodge into the flag when the lashers go then run off haha.

Good guide! I think you’re being a bit harsh with Revenants (still a mean shield bash, and a good CC in less open maps) and a bit too generous with Gunslingers (which I feel can be safely ignored most of the time). Oh and you forgot the most played class… the AFKer! You can give them 2** on attack since they’re probably using a macro tool to keep shooting — and sadly I’ve seen more than one bot get a free kill while players who were actually taking part on the match got 0/0/0 and a PVP AFK Games +1 on their stats.

Regarding the Dracolytes, they are not on their own a downright terrible, weak, ineffective, and near-useless class, but everything about them are outclassed by some other means such as Tank (knight), Offense (anything), Guard (Chloromancers), Chaser (CB) and it doesn’t just apply to PvP. I’ve seen a few (very few) good and able Dracolytes on the battlefield and I myself have tried the class pre-MoP and had some success, but really this class needs some buffs and tweaks to make it worthwhile to use.

This is the balance position for the team, if there are too many G and sG, team will be in passive and others will just need 1 to sneak in and avoid the whole team.Too much atk? that means trouble, you need to full charge also! this is a dangerous tactic since you will be racing with other team to who gets the most flags and whose team is better with killing while having the flags….

Thanks for the feedback! It’s not all that feasible for a team to get itself organized in a way that they’ll have a system within the five minutes but I’ve noticed that some people call out their roles. Most of the time it’s up to me to carry the flag even when there’s faster classes on my team but they’re off goofing around and just getting kills (or being killed). This is why I really want Team Deathmatch to come so I don’t have to carry 90% of my teams by flag running.

Yep, although now I retire in pvp but when ever I saw Kerjo, it’s time to change my class to Knight also. He has the ability to judge the situation, which alows him to get the flag OR wait for the flag while he stops the others. My team cannot kill him yet still try to with lack of effection. Either I be a SH to counter him (and trust my untrustworthy team mates or be a Knight myself and race with him the best I can.

And he never changes his class. I’ve been only seeing him use a knight. He should try something else for a change. But that’s just him. I only had him on my team a few times. I have been in a match that my team worked well together and defeated his team a few times. He’s just good at flag running. If deathmatch comes out, most likely I expect him not there.

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