A few seconds extra on a dungeon is statistically inconsequential

On the portal there is posted the suggested level for that world. Experience is capped based off your level. You can go into a portal 1 level range higher then your level and not get capped. With the introduction of gems it is easy to get a lot more PR then the level needed for a world. Not uncommon for a level 20 to have 2500+ PR or more and can get into U7 but be capped U6 levels. Now to get the better gem boxes it is best to go to the higher PR world you can get to and tag along and help the group, faster dungeon completion means more exp.

keep copy pasting that as much as you want, it’s not going to add anything to your point. And it doesn’t even answer the question in any way. Does them NOT being there do anything to you? Is there a difference between them not being there, and them leeching? Does your experience at all change between them leeching and them being gone?

If they are not even there the dungeon is going to be however hard it is, if they are leeching there the dungeon is STILL going to be just as hard as before. The difficulty does not change in any way. So again, at the end of the day you are just upset about someone doing something that has little to no impact on your experience in the game.

you would still be getting progress for your challenge, and this feature would be disabled in everdark and st’s. i feel 10-20% would be ok for this, as unless you are leeching off of a extremely op guy in u9, bosses wont die that quickly so you can get your dmg in, even if you are not the highest pr. i do know this idea might sound bad, and most of you will hate it, but it was thought of on the spot, so its pretty rough(also, it might not be completely original, cuz i can swear i saw something similar a while back).

And 1 minute matters? Really? You are now admitting to *****ing about literally SECONDS off a dungeon. Do you even realize how damn petty that is? Any idea at all? And you have still yet to answer my question either. What is the difference between you being solo and someone else just standing around? What is the difference in the fight between those two things? And as i said before, if you need the dmg then you should not be going solo, and if you are not solo then you don’t need the extra dmg to finish the dungeon fast. But, then again, you are also complaining about literal seconds in a fight, so I can honestly say your opinion on this is just petty and nothing more.

I only leech during challenges because everyone clears it so fast anyways and I don’t like the lag. That being said I don’t always leech. If I’m first to the dungeon I’ll clear it but if I’m like the tenth I’ll just hang back. Now I do not leech outside of challenges. This is because I find it rude to reap the benefits of someone else without contributing a little bit at least. However, personally because I’m a solo player I hate it when people follow me even if they’re helping. I’m a hypocrite like that. I only like groups when it substantially benefits me xD. It’s not exactly about whether or not it makes a difference to people it’s just that it’s kinda rude.

A few seconds extra on a dungeon is statistically inconsequential. It is easily within the margin of error to the point that it does not even matter. And if you are going to say it adds up, then yeah, it does, but again, one extra minute out of 30+ dungeons is, again, an inconsequential amount. Just based off of numbers and time, you are complaining about pretty much nothing at all. And if literal seconds of your life being taken up by the game matters to you, then you probably should not be playing games in the first place since an extra few seconds matters so much.


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