TroveShop : Wingardium Flushiosa! Porcelain throne levitation and so much more!

Adventure Time

It’s a big week in Trove, so we’re going to call out a few things we think you’ll love. We’ve got so much to talk about that we’re flush with anticipation!

  • Porter Potty – This brand new mount is available now but you’ll need guts to make this plucky porcelain potty. Just because you CAN craft it, does that mean you SHOULD craft it? Yes. Very much so.

Porter Potty

  • Mimic Blocks – Ever miss the mark with your mining laser and wish you could fix that beautiful tree that really ties the room together? Trove abides. Craft Mimic Blocks at the Cube Converter and place them anywhere you need to patch things up. The blocks automatically mimic the color of any block they touch!

Mimic Blocks

    • Adventure Boxes – Get double drop rate for Adventure Boxes, and all the previous boxes have returned except for the Shadow’s Eve version). Pick up these boxes while you’re out on your adventures beating up baddies.

    Double Drop Rate!

  • Sir Sebastian – Sebastian finished his night classes on being hella classy, and has been promoted to Sir Sebastian. This elegant, educated equine is available for both Credits and Cubits in the Trove Store now!

Sir Sebastian

  • New PvP Portals – We recently added the ability to create Battle Arena portals to start 3v3 or 5v5 matches in both Capture the Flag and Team Death Match. Drop these new portals in your Club World and battle it out for glory, fame and Battle Boxes!
  • battleverse

These are just a few of the additions we’ve added to Trove recently, but soon we’ll have even more to share! Be on the lookout for Power Rank to see just how powerful your Trovian can get!

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