Warframe : Sands of Inaros Update Hits Live Service on troveshop

Digital Extremes has announced that the first of several updates for 2016 has hit Warframe servers today. Called "Sands of Inaros", the new content brings a mummy-themed Warframe into the game as well as a new quest line, updates to Reactor Sabotage Missions and much more.

NEW INAROS WARFRAME: Consume the life of your enemies and embrace a richness of health with Lotus' newest warrior, Inaros.  Use your abilities to siphon the health from those who would defy you, or force their submission by summoning the might of Phobos' sandstorms. Inaros' Abilities are as follows:

DESICCATION — Blast enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and steals their health.

DEVOUR — Hold power to trap target in quicksand and draw them in for devouring; this steals health and ultimately creates a friendly Sand Shadow.

SANDSTORM — Become a whirling spiral of sand that sends enemies flying and devours those trapped in quicksand.

SCARAB SWARM — Charge to transform health into hardened scarab armor. Discharge to blast enemies with a scarab swarm; survivors have their health drained and bestowed on allies.

To see the Sands of Inaros update before heading into the game, you can check out a special live stream event to be held today at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern in the Warframe Twitch.tv channel.

Find out more about the Sands of Inaros update by visiting the Warframe site.

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