TroveShop : Unlock A Starlight Dragon This New Year!

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, unlock this crazy awesome dragon!

Starlight Dragon Caches are available by beating Challenges, as well as in the Trove Store. When you receive a Dragon Soul from one of these caches, you can consume it to imbue your Starlight Dragon with power.

1 Dragon Soul – Receive the Starlight Dragoncrown Helm
5 Dragon Souls– Unlock the Starlight Dragonling ally
10 Dragon Souls – Earn the Starlight Fledgling ground mount
25 Dragon Souls – Starlight Dragon Arsenal grants five new weapon styles! Starlight Saber, Meteoric Mageblade, Galactic Coil, and Shooting Starwing
50 Dragon Souls – Take to the skies on the Starlight Dragon gliding mount
75 Dragon Souls – Receive a permanent buff, Starlight Aura, that grants 500 Magic Damage, +1 Jump, and +50 Magic Find. You’ll also unlock the Starlight Dragon radiant aura
100 Dragon Souls – The legendary Stellaurion, Charter of Constellations is yours to command

As always, you’ll get a guaranteed Dragon Soul for the first Challenge completed each day. The Starlight Express is barreling into 2016. All aboard!

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