TroveShop : Turkeytopia Returns – Up and Autumn!


With the return of Turkeytopia comes the dreaded Dream Gobbler invaders, and these turkeys are in a fowl mood!

Stand guard against these gobbling goblins to unlock a cornucopia of holiday goodies like the Trotting Turkey or the craftable Appeased Dream Gobbler mounts!

Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes can drop from any enemies in Trove. Open these boxes for a chance at unique, seasonal recipes, or the rare Springing Turkey mount!

For Trovians who have ever spent money in Trove, you can also collect the brand new Turkeytopia Wings from the Trove Store for free! This applies to any purchase made during Turkeytopia as well! Find the wings on the Packs tab.

Harvest up the loot while you can, Turkeytopia ends on December 1st!

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