Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop –

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -

Trove’s modding community is one of our greatest assets! The creativity and passion shown by so many players allows endless customization and limitless imagination! To better support you, and your creations, we’re proud to introduce our brand new mod loader.

Mods are creations made by other players that allow you to customize how items in game look. There are mods for weapons, costumes, allies, mounts, and dragons! Placing community created mods into Trove has never been easier!

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -
Original Drumsticks

Trove Mod Loader and Steam Workshop -
Modded Ignerius

Follow these steps to install mods directly into Trove:

  1. Browse our forums or Trovesaurus for mods you’d like to try out and download the file to your computer. While the location of this folder will vary based on your installation, the default destination will be:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\mods
  2. With mods installed to that folder launch Trove
  3. In game press the Esc key to bring up your quick menu
  4. Select the Mods option
  5. You will see installed mods on the left side of the Mods menu.
  6. To see your original look just click the Disable button for the mod and restart the game.

Click here if you want to learn more about the Steam Workshop for find mods or uploading your own creations.

Enter a world of limitless possibilities with Trove mods!

*Keep in mind that each mod will change the look of a specific item so you’ll need that item unlocked to use the mod.

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