troveshop | The Wishing Fountain Returns To Aion


The Wishing Fountain has returned to NCSoft’s free-to-play fantasy MMO and it’s time for players to collect Aether Blooms and reap the rewards. The Wishing Fountain event returns to the game for a limited time and will disappear on May 18. But until then, players have the opportunity to earn some cool stuff by participating.

There are plenty of prizes for players to earn, incluing the Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle, Tiamat’s Glimmering Wings, and a new Flower Petal Dress. These rewards will come from one of three “gifts” rewarded upon throwing Aether Blossoms into the Shimmering Fountain. They are the Fountain Gift, Blooming Gift, or an Aether Wilt (junk item). A full list of potential rewards from both the Fountain and Blooming Gifts are available in the event announcement on the Aion site.

Blooms can be earned by either gathering them, as instance drops, or in PVP. For those with a Prestige Pass, an additional Bloom, for a total of 8 daily, can be collected every 15 minutes that you are online.

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