The Division's First Two Expansions Come to Xbox One 30 Days Before PS4, PC on troveshop

Xbox One players are getting The Division’s first two paid expansions before PlayStation 4 and PC. Ubisoft today confirmed what had been suggested earlier, announcing that the expansions Underground and Survival will come to Xbox One 30 days before other platforms.

The Division's First Two Expansions Come to Xbox One 30 Days Before PS4, PC on troveshop

The Division’s third paid expansion, Last Stand, won’t be exclusive to any one platform for any period of time, as it will launch simultaneously for all three systems this winter.

Underground, Survival, and Last Stand are included with The Division’s season pass, which costs $40, according to Polygon. The content also comes with the game’s Gold and Collector’s editions.

Ubisoft also confirmed that The Division’s first two free updates, which are due to arrive in April and May, will launch at the same time across all platforms. As announced previously, the first of these updates will introduce Incursions, an end-game activity activity that sounds like what might be considered a raid.

The second free update, Conflict, adds new Dark Zone content and a new incursion in New York City’s famous Columbus Circle. For lots more on Ubisoft’s plans for The Division free and paid content, check out coverage of the expansions and our wider interview with the developer about its post-launch plans.

Microsoft’s co-marketing deal with Ubisoft for The Division also includes a 1 TB Xbox One system bundle. Before this, The Division’s closed and open betas launched 24 hours early on Xbox One.

The Division officially arrives tomorrow, March 8, but the game’s servers have already been switched on. To mark the launch, GameSpot is livestreaming gameplay for eight straight hours.

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