TroveShop : Test Your Mettle In The Battle Arena!

It’s trial by combat – The Trove Battle Arena needs YOU!

Join us on the Public Test Server (PTS) from 2 PM PDT – 3 PM PDT (9PM GMT – 10 PM GMT) on Wednesday, October 28th and you’ll find a new, red portal in the Hub. Enter the portal and prepare to capture flags, fend off foes, and brawl with the best in fast-paced player versus player combat.

Make sure to tell your friends about this stress test because we want to push the Battle Arena to the limit!


  • You’ll need a max level character (20) on the live server to access the PTS. This week get 50% bonus XP, so it’s a great time to get max level and join us for the stress test!
  • To download the PTS, launch Glyph and click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner. Select PTS to download the test server client.
  • In the Battle Arena, all characters scale to level, so no matter your level, you’re in it to win it!
  • Each Battle Arena team consists of four players
  • The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it to your base

Come put arena battles to the test and face off against the toughest opponents of all: each other!

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