Skyforge : New Class Trailer Shines Spotlight on Knights –

The Skyforge team has sent out a brand new trailer that shines the spotlight on the Knight class, a subsidiary of the Tank classes. Wielders of swords and boards, Knights stand between foes and other party members by utilizing defensive skills.

Knights are one of Skyforge’s Tank classes and as such possess an interesting selection of abilities that not just prevent damage, but can send it back at the fool who dared to pick a fight with such a dangerous opponent. The most prominent ability for this feature is Barrier, which provides a permanent damage reduction when active. Using the second level of this ability amplifies it by absorbing more damage while even reflecting a portion of it back! Reflection is not exclusive to this ability either, as Resolute Rebuff can be used to absorb all incoming damage before erupting it outwards, devastating nearby enemies.

Learn more about Knights by visiting the Skyforge site.

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