TroveShop : Rise of the Shadow Tower Update is Live!

Rise of the Shadow Tower Update is Live!

Jealous of the luminous Sun Goddess, the Moon Goddess fuels the forces of darkness with her hatred and fear. The emboldened Shadow has taken refuge in the Shadow Tower, and threatens to spread, once again, across the realms.

Take the fight to the Shadow with our foxy new class: the Lunar Lancer. Wield a spear to skewer your enemies and provide powerful buffs to your allies. Use your grappling hook to sneak up on foes, or when a hasty retreat becomes the better part of valor. Get all the necessaries in our Lunar Lancer Preview.

In addition to all of that, we’re also updating the way that Challenges work, we’ve added a bald hair option for your Trovian, added new Legendary Tomes that allow you to power them up, and collect major resources from them every week, added a ton of new player creations, and so much more! Get all the details with our Rise of the Shadow Tower Patch Notes.

Join us for lunacy and mayhem in the Shadow Tower!

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