RIFT Takes The Fight To The Planes With Planar Assault Adventures on troveshop


One of the many things coming in RIFT’s next expansion, Starfall Prophecy, is something known as “Planar Assault Adventures”. These are a new type of Instant Adventures available to those who have purchased the new expansion. Rather than popping players into IA’s somewhere in Telara, Planar Assault Adventures take the fight to the invaders from the planes of Fire and Life, disrupting Rifts before they happen.

Players are tasked with fighting waves of planar enemies in order to prevent them from launching an invasion. Those successful in completing this task will be rewarded with planar fragments and essences, in addition to new Dimension items and Minions not otherwise available in the game.

Players interested in finding out more about Planar Assaults and the Starfall Prophecy expansion can do so on the official site.

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