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The winners have been chosen!

Your pumpkin carving game was strong this season, and our inboxes were flooded with your artistic gourd carvings. Selecting the winning entries is never an easy task, but after much deliberation we’ve selecting the following as the game-specific winning entries, and the overall Grand Prize winners.

Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Grand Prize Winners

These winners were selected from entries submitted across all NCSOFT titles, and will each receive:

  • 8,000 NCoin

Real Life Pumpkin Carving

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Blade & Soul
Zefie – Soha

Aadesh – 


Blade & Soul

Each winner will receive:

  • Graveheart Costume Set
  • White Horse Mask

Real Life Pumpkin Carving Winners

Idami Lisi – Bambusdorf

Uwa – Iksanun

Neferpîtou – Bambusdorf


Virtual Pumpkin Carving Winners

Flowering – Juwol

Nikäri – Starfall Crater

Sayé – Twin Wagons



Each winner will receive:

  • Enforcer’s Costume Set
  • Eastern Gothic Costume Set

Real Life Pumpkin Carving Winners

Shimie – Israphel

CammySparks – Siel

Shaidessa – Siel


Virtual Pumpkin Carving Winners

Goat – Beritra

Karaa – Kahrun

Skypea- Israphel


Lineage II

Each winner will receive:

  • +12 Bloody Weapon of Choice
  • 2 Stage 6 Soul Crystals of Choice

Real Life Pumpkin Carving Winners

KillTime – Zaken

Hisoka – Freya

Gladiuss – Naia


Virtual Pumpkin Carving Winners

ginha – Naia

Megaton – Naia

RedDragon – Freya



Each winner will receive:

  • Nightmare Girrok Mount
  • Shadow Warrior Costume

Real Life Pumpkin Carving Winners

Apriores – Jabbit

Capitaine Kraushey – Jabbit 

Xarleen Windflower – Jabbit


Virtual Pumpkin Carving Winners

Genesis Prime – Entity

Nexus Cupcake – Entity

Seraphymm Prime – Entity



Thank you all for celebrating this pumpkin season with us. Winners will have their prizes delivered via in-game mail within 72 hours. 

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