TroveShop : Player Marketplace Update – How Bazaar!


Selling sweet loot in Trove takes a turn toward the bazaar! We’re proud to introduce the Player Marketplace. This is your one stop shop for buying and selling wares to Trovians everywhere!

Open the Marketplace anytime by pressing U, and get your capitalism on. All items are put up for sale at buyout prices, so there’s no bidding. Also, you can sell your wares for Flux, Glim, Chaos Chests, and more! To buy items from other players, search the Marketplace by the name of an item, whether you’ve already collected it, or based on the type of item you want.

After your sale goes through, pick up those fat stacks from the Marketplace and start your life of luxury. Take your new found wealth to the Treasure Isles and find a Golden Ship to pick up a Trove of Wonders. These brand new caches can only be purchased with Flux, and contain the rarest mounts in all of Trove.

  • F4-S.T. Prototype Rocket – It may not pass an emissions test, but it passes the litmus test for cool
  • Hadori, the Promise of Spring – Leaves a trail of flowers wherever she runs
  • Illuri of the North Wind – Transforms water into ice, temporarily, thus able to run on water
  • Kabiri, the Firetamer – Grants immunity to fire, and briefly transforms lava into standard blocks
  • Ganda the Sky Shepherd – This extremely rare bird of paradise turns air into gold, for a short time, allowing you to run through the heavens
  • Albairn, Voice of Dawn – Mechanical, magnificent, and melodious are great words to describe this powerful new dragon. You’ve never seen anything quite like this!
  • Fortras, the Herald of Battle – This gorgeous dragon wields tremendous power, and channels it into bombs that allow quick collection of blocks and ore
  • Turtle Tank – Not all turtles come equipped with a massive cannon, but this one does!
  • Royal Tortoise – This mount allows speedy transit across both land and sea
  • Radical Rainbow Wings – Carry a rainbow of colors with you wherever you go, and glide in style!

Whether you’re looking to be an Internet millionaire, or want to add new, rare loot to your collection, the Player Marketplace will take you to bazaar places!

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