Movember Reign on troveshop

Movember Reign on troveshop

November is such a magical time of year! A time that brings together family and friends to reminisce about the year behind us and the year to come. More than anything else it’s a time to rock a sweet, sweet ‘stache!

Through the month of November you can visit the Trove Store and pick up a Movember Pack for just 100 Cubits! That’s no typo, a cool one hundred Cubits and all of these goodies are yours:

  • 7 distinct blocks
  • 5 face options that show off your mustachioed mug
  • A Mustache Mag Rider for surfing in style

This Movember you mustache yourself one important question: how much facial hair can one screen shot hold? Let’s put that to the test! Post your mustachioed mug shots using #Movember.

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*We’re not affiliated with the Movember Foundation, but you can help them promote men’s health one mustache at a time right here.

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