Marvel Heroes : Green Goblin Ready to Terrorize Starting Friday –

Marvel Heroes 2016 will be updated on Friday, March 4th with the Green Goblin entering the fray ready to terrorize the masses. Green Goblin is the 56th character to enter MH2016 and, according to the team, "he's so much fun to play!!"

Norman Osborn swoops in on his Goblin Glider to terrorize enemies with Pumpkin Bombs, Razor Bats, and other iconic weaponry, all accompanied by a fiendishly maniacal vocal performance by Travis Willingham. He’ll be available in-game this Friday, March 4, and players can pre-order his Hero Pack for 10% off the regular price of $17.99 – including an alternate costume and other goodies – at

Find out more by visiting the Marvel Heroes 2016 site.

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