TroveShop : Lots of Lunacy to be Had in Trove Today!


We’re over the moon at the launch of our newest class, the Lunar Lancer! Every enemy under the stars will tremble at the sight of this fleet-footed fox and his explosive grappling spear.

Leap into action and with our new Lunacy Pack, equipped with a collection of foxy costumes, exclusive elemental mounts, and two mystical Tomes that can be triggered weekly for awesome bonuses!


  • Lunar Lancer Class
  • Twilight Temperance Lunar Lancer Costume
  • Burnished Bronze Lunar Lancer Costume
  • Kazuki, the Dancing Flame Mount
  • Kougetsu, the Falling Snow Mount
  • Dragon Coin Digest (Gives 1 Dragon Coin)
  • Chaos Codex (Gives 10 Chaos Chests)

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