TroveShop : It’s Block Friday – I’m In Love!

All this week we’re celebrating Block Friday, and it’s your chance to get the best deals of the year!

Our Autumn Piñatas are about to fall out of the Trove Store, so stuff your stockings while you still can. They are half price until December 1st!

A stack of packs are returning to the Trove Store for this week only! Save 50% on these cool collections before they disappear!

  • The Power Pack– Get two class coins, flask tokens, wings, stuff for building, costume, a mount, a ship, and so much more!
  • Block Beards Pirate Pack – Unlock the Pirate Captain class, two ships, a unique sail, and two costumes!
  • Blitz and Glitz Costume Pack – Eight of the glitziest costumes in all of Trove, including the Shadow’s Disciple, Dark Infineon, and the Lunar Ronin!
  • Adventure Pack – Take a walk on the wild side with the cunning Boomeranger class along with two flasks, two costumes, and five emblems!
  • To the Nines Costume Pack – Pick up this costume pack to unlock nine costumes created by players just like you!
  • Necrofancy Pack – Delve into the dark arts with the Tomb Raiser class, two unique costumes, the Boneweaver and Spite Biter spider mounts, and the magnificent Soulfire Wings!
  • Lunacy Pack – You want to get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts! Unleash the Lunar Lancer class, two costumes, two mounts, and two tomes that you can level up to unlock rewards every week!

Winter is coming. Treat yourself to these hot deals before they vanish on December 1st!

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