TroveShop : Holiday Patron Sale – Treat Yourself!

Patron Sale!

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: Patron status! Buy a 3, 6, or 12 month Patron Pass from our online store before January 4th and you’ll save a bundle!

Trove Patrons receive perks to help keep those New Year’s resolutions of being awesome:

  • +50% Bonus XP – Level up faster with more XP gain
  • +4 Chaos Factor – Increase chaos and get 4 bonus Chaos Chests every day you play!
  • +2 Flask Capacity – Add 2 more flasks to your stack o’ flasks and adventure your heart out
  • +5 Jump – Leap to greater heights with bonus jumps added to your multi-jump stat
  • +50 Lasermancy – Collect ore at super speed with a boost to your mining skill
  • +100% Crafting Speed – Craft blocks, bombs, and more, at double speed!
  • +200 Magic Find – Collect stronger, more powerful loot in all of your adventures
  • +100% Battle Factor – Earn double Battle Boxes from PvP each week
  • Collect Battle Boxes twice as fast!

The standard price for a yearly Patron Pass in Trove is $131.88 USD but now you can pick one up for just $99.99 USD! These Patron savings aren’t just for Trovians! Save up to 25% on annual Patron Passes for many Glyph games!

Ring in the New Year right with the best prices of the year!

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