troveshop | Gust or Bust roster signs with Astral Authority just in time for DreamHack Austin

Gust or Bust gains support right before first North American Regional.

Gust or Bust announced Saturday that they have signed with Astral Authority, just in time for the first North American Regional at DreamHack Austin.

The former King of Blades roster has made waves ever since their presence at the Spring North American Regional. While they didn’t make it out of the group stages, they still managed to take a win from Tempo Storm.

After Spring, they broke away from their organization but refused to slow down, making it to the North American ETS playoffs, taking one game over Cloud9 in the first NA Spring Qualifer, 2-0’ing Panda Global in the Second NA Spring Qualifier, and finally advancing to the second regional in the final qualifier. Their one and only roster change came with Tomster going to Tempo Storm, replacing him with former Resurgence and Gale Force player, Equinox. Equinox has had a tough time advancing to a LAN with consistent DDOS issues during numerous qualifiers.

With this announcement, THC becomes the only non-’signed’ team going to DreamHack Austin.

This is Astral Authority’s breakout Heroes of the Storm Roster, currently holding active teams in Rocket League, Guild of Wars 2, Super Smash Bros. They have recently picked up a Halo and Rainbow Six: Siege team.

Gust or Bust will debut under their new organization this weekend at the North American Regional at DreamHack Austin.

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