troveshop | GW2 Guild Chat Livestream Notes–Storytelling in Salvation Pass

GW2 Guild Chat Livestream notes talking about storytelling in Salvation Pass.

Behind the Scenes: Salvation Pass

  • First two bosses beaten first day, last boss beaten the 2nd day.
  • White Mantle

    • These guys being around for a long time. in GW1 the White Mantles were big part of the Prophecies. They start off as nice people but then they turned out to be not so nice.
    • While those outside the White Mantle may think they are evil, those within the organization believe in their cause.
    • White Mantle were responsible for pushing the Charr out.
    • Saul D’Alessio met the Mursaats and founded White Mantle after. The Mursaats told them they were gods and they would lead Kryta to glory against the Charr. Saul disappeared after victory against the Charr and was taken by the Mursaats.
    • War in Kryta bonus mission pack takes place a few years after Prophecies. The White Mantle were desperate to keep power after losing their leader/gods and were willing to perform evil acts to accomplish their goals (some of which are good, others are questionable).
    • The Shining Blades are a rebel faction who opposed the White Mantle and they supported Salma, King Jadon’s illegitimate child, who became a priestess at the Temple of the Ages.
    • We tapped into the Whitle Mantle in the Living World storyline and then continued it in the raids.
    • In Brisbane Wildslands there is a Fort Vandal where there is some White Mantle activity. After Mordrem forces broken that fort down, you are able to go in and explore the stuff inside, including a broken Asuran gate. You get a hint there these people have maybe gone into the woods and you realize that Salvation Pass might be this wood (since there is also an Asuran gate there).
    • If you want to learn more about the White Mantle story, read the GW1 wiki on it.
  • Forsaken Thicket

    • It is meant to be 3 wings that form a complete story that we want to tell. We can’t tell you if that is the way the story is going or if there are more story about it. We want to know if you like the way we are portraying story in the raids etc so give us feedback. There is also a completely new wing coming as well.
    • If you are casual and can’t raid, you can always go into a friend’s cleared instance and experience the story.
    • We like to put props in certain locations to make you wonder what happened before you got there.
    • In Spirit Vale you are kind of confused about these guys as they seems to be just random bandits. However as you advance further in Salvation Pass their uniform and organization starts to resemble more of the White Mantles.
    • Matthias Gabriel (last boss of Salvation Pass), gets his power from the bloodstone, which has energy gathered from Mordremoth’s released power. When he get into the abomination phase, he get special effects for his abilities.

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