TroveShop : Extra Life 2015 Details & Rewards – Prepare for Nov. 7!


Greetings, Trovians! The Extra Life charity gaming marathon swiftly approaches! Every year, they raise millions of dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and for five years running, we’ve done our part to support them.

Join us on November 7th at 9am PDT for a 24 hour stream, featuring all Trion games! You can support us by signing up for the Trion Team to help our fundraising. Friends and family can sponsor your day of marathon gaming.

Of course, no good deed goes unrewarded: check out our Extra Life page to see a list of goodies you can get for your hard work, also featured below!

Extra Life 2015 Rewards

  • Raise $15 in donations to get the Dr. Qubesly ally!
  • Raise $25 in donations and you’ll get the Joystick ally!
  • Raise $75  in donations to earn the Arcade Helm!
  • Raise $150 in donations and you’ll get a Chaos Coin!
  • Everyone who raises an incredible $500 in donations will be entered into our Hero Drawing, and 25 Heroes (selected at random) will receive an amazing 25,000 Credits!

You’ll also earn rewards in ArcheAge, RIFT, Devilian and even Atlas Reactor as you hit each milestone! Click here to learn more.

Not only all of that, but everyone who plays Trion games for a combined total of 24 hours on the weekend of the 7th will receive a non-tradable Flask Coin and a non-tradable Inventory Expander (+5 adventure inventory slots, +5 build inventory slots). Don’t miss out: the count starts at 8am PST on 11/7 and ends at 8am PST on 11/9!


Event Goodness

In addition to all those great rewards, if you donate via the ExtraLife page of game designer Kumar ‘Atronos’ Daryanani you can also help design items that will be added to Trove! Check out his page for details.

Plus, we’ll be doing LIVE giveaways on the stream throughout the event. Join us on the team and have a fantastic time playing for a great cause!


The Trion Extra Lifers

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