Elsword : Season 2 Updates Now Complete on troveshop

KOG Games has revealed that the final installment of their Season 2 update has been deployed on Elsword servers. In this last update Add and Luciel have been completely revamped including voice-overs, abilities and featuring big changes to the skill tree. 

As with all Season 2 character updates, the Skill Tree revamp includes new character functionality basics, character intro and primary skill upgrades.  Players can learn EVERY skill automatically by reaching the skill-appropriate level and players no longer need to choose between skills!  Additionally, Add and Luciel's revamped basic attack combos bring a whole new world of dynamic (and hurt) to each Job or Class advancement. Though the combo list can be found at the top of the Skill Tree UI, players can easily master them all via Camilla, the sassy Combat/PvP NPC.   

You can check out the changes by watching the video below or by visiting the Elsword site. 

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