Dragon Nest Publishing To Transfer To EYEdentity Games September 27 – troveshop.net


The free-to-play Action MMO Dragon Nest will no long be published by NEXON in North America after September 27. As of that date, EYEdentity games will be taking over publication responsibilities of its game in the region.

As part of what EYEdentity is calling the “Rebirth of Dragon Nest,” the company has revealed a few things that will be added when the publishing responsibilities switch hands. Following the changing of the guard on the 27th, a new website will launch on September 28. The site can be found at us.dragonnest.com, but not it will not be live until the above date.

At the same time, a new update will arrive introducing a new Level cap of 93, a new world zone, and a new class. EYEdentity will also be rewarding North American players with a few goodies. These include the player’s choice of one of three costume sets from the shop and cash item packages containing several shop items. Previous players with NEXON accounts will receive those things as well as some additional items. These include a new flag with the EYEdentity games logo and a special title.

Finally, there will be some celebratory events rewarding leveling up, creating guilds, completing missions… and yes, even logging in.

Details on what to expect from the transfer — including the new terms and policies — can be found on the current Dragon Nest site.

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