Dragon Nest : Cherry Credits to Take Over EU Publication on troveshop

Cherry Credits, current publisher of the SEA version of Dragon Nest, will be taking over from Shanda Games beginning March 16th. While the server structure, including all characters on an account, will remain the same, players will be required to create a Cherry Credits account in order to continue playing the game.

Transferring the account won’t just allow the users to keep on playing, they will also be gifted some exclusive in-game items! More information regarding this process will be announced at a later date both on Dragon Nest Europe website and Facebook page.

The Machina class is the ninth class in Dragon Nest, utilizing an oversized mechanical arm to smash through enemies in melee combat. The release of Machina in the Dragon Nest SEA server on December 2015 was the most successful launch of a new class.

Find out more about Dragon Nest EU.

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