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The developers behind The Division answer a few questions about the upcoming game, including how things have changed since the beta and how gameplay compares to Destiny.

With a little over a week left until Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s release date, it’s fair to say that hype has sufficiently been built for Ubisoft’s latest. After two betas, numerous previews, and dozens of trailers, The Division is now at the point where it must actually deliver on the promises of those prior marketing materials. And most are fairly confident it will.

But even though there isn’t much more Ubisoft can do to promote The Division beyond release more trailers, the developers at Ubisoft’s Massive studio have tried to make sure gamers are all well-acquainted with the universe of The Division. They’ve done so by answering a number of fan questions, presumably to cover anything that may not have been covered in past previews or trailers.

As the final part of IGN First’s month-long coverage for The Division, the publication let readers ask questions of the developers. Now, admittedly, these aren’t the most hard-hitting of questions, but they do cover a wide range of topics.

Some gamers who were concerned about the longevity of the Dark Zone asked about that and were assured that the PvP component will offer a diverse array of experiences.

Player feedback is important to us. Based on the closed and open beta feedback, we did, for example, make some adjustments in the Darkzone. – Petter Mannerfelt, Game Director

Others asked questions about content that was confirmed not to be in The Division at launch, like the ability to inspect a player’s gear and see what weapons they are using.

That’s not a feature we have in the game. – Petter Mannerfelt, Game Director

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In fact, the folks at Ubisoft Massive even addressed the big elephant in the room, Destiny, by explaining how The Division will set itself apart from Bungie’s popular shooter. As we’ve covered in the past, the comparisons between Destiny and Division seem to be focused mostly on potential, but there are certainly some similarities in their gameplay. And even though Ubisoft won’t outright admit it, the replay factor in the PvE does sound a lot like Destiny.

One of the best things about the Darkzone is just how unpredictable it is. Human behavior is never the same twice and that keeps the Darkzone experience fresh. For the missions outside the Darkzone we offer several difficulty modes (something you haven’t seen in the Beta) with varying rewards. And, finally, we are naturally looking to continuously add fresh content for players to tackle. – Magnus Jansen, Creative Director

Ultimately, the success of The Division will be determined largely by that initial sales push, but as Destiny has shown, a strong community can keep a franchise relevant for longer. Whether or not The Division will be able to do so with its own unique brand of RPG shooter combat is yet to be determined, but the recent open beta seemed to convince a lot of gamers that the title is worth pre-ordering. If nothing else, the prospect of another massive, community-driven game is exciting.

If you could ask any questions of the Division developers, what would they be?

Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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