troveshop – Decklist spotlight: Kibler’s RenoYogg Mage /w Karazhan cards

One of game’s most prolific streamers and casters builds it whacky again, reimagining the Reno archetype with some of the new Karazhan cards.

Babbling Book, Firelands Portal and Arcane Giant are just a few of the new options available to Mages in One Night in Karazhan. The swingy nature of the portal already found permanent home in tempo builds and showcased its power throughout the HCT Americas Summer Preliminaries last weekend.

Naturally, there’s more than one way to play Mage. In case of Brian Kibler, there are about five or six different ways. The TCG veteran has taken the aforementioned new cards and whipped up a brand new Reno Mage deck for you to try on ladder. We’re talking full RenoMage, too, not one of those Freeze/Reno hybrids somewhat popular in the Americas region.

A lot of the strength of the deck is situated in the middle of the curve with staples Water Elemental, Azure Drake and Ethereal Conjurer. The rest of the build revolves around generating card advantage in such way as to not disturb Reno’s effect, mostly through Cabalist’s Tome, Jeweled Scarab and Babbling Book.

There are multiple win conditions available, too. If sticking a Ragnaros the Firelord doesn’t do the trick, there’s the Golden Monkey from Elise Starseeker and, of course, a Hail Mary Yogg if needed.

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