TroveShop : Chaotic Adventure Week! 3x Adventure Boxes and 2x Chaos Chests


This is a huge week for Trovians! All this week you will receive two Chaos Chests for every Chaos Factor you have tied to your account. Not only that, but you’ll also receive triple the Adventure Boxes from beating baddies!

Chaos Chests have a chance at containing Squeakers the Flying Squirrel, as well as the Santa Barbarian costume, and a ton of other cool stuff. Trove Patrons receive +4 Chaos Factor. Type /chaosfactor to see how much you have.

Every Adventure Box that has ever been available in Trove is back for this week only! This is your chance to get those rare and semi-retired items. Hungry for a Cookiephant? Breathless for a Budgie? Dreaming of a Dragon Roll? Get 3x the Adventure Boxes, 2x the Chaos Chests, and an exponential amount of fun!

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