TroveShop : Chaos Chest Loot Extravaganza!

Trove Chaos Chests are getting better all the time! Not only will you have a chance at the top loot each week (this week is the Revenant Warhorse), but you can also pick up a new group of very rare loot!

  • Need a new, devoted ally? The Contorting Contemplator is a tiny, tentacled terror that only has eyes – make that eye – for you!
  • The Whispers of Chaos aura gives your radiant weapon a shadowy vibe.
  • The Skeye Stalkers Wings are a sight to behold. The eyes have it!
  • A fantastical new mount, Koroki, the Sower of Chaos, plants blades of chaos grass in your tracks.

Koroki, the Sower of Shadows

Contorting Contemplator

Wispers of Chaos

Skeye Stalkers wings

Chaos reigns – these new and improved Chaos Chests are available on the Trove Store now!

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