Battleborn : Full Roster Revealed as Last Two Heroes Debut on troveshop

Game Informer has a nice article about the final two Battleborn heroes, Kleese And El Dragón. Kleese passes himself off as a 'frail old doctor' but who dominates the battlefield thanks to a tactical battle chair. El Dragón is a combined version of human and machine thanks to an unfortunate fighting accident when he lost his hands. Head to Game Informer to check out their skills and see them in action in a pair of new videos.

Name: Kleese
Faction: Last Light Consortium
Chosing to play as a frail, old doctor in an action game bursting with overpowered heroes may seem like a dubious choice, but Kleese's "tactical battle chair" helps even the odds. On the personality front, Kleese is kind of like a humorous mix of Professor X and a James Bond villain – he wants to help the Battleborn succeed in saving the final star in the universe, yet he can't help enjoy watching his teammates stumble from time to time. Kleese is the Battleborn's science officer, and barks a mix of instructions and insults at players during missions even when he's not on the ground.
Name: El Dragón
Faction: Last Light Consortium
Humans and machines have a long history of war in Battleborn's lore, and even though the two sides have teamed up to save the last remaining star in the universe, that eternal conflict is still celebrated for entertainment in competitive battles. El Dragón was one of the most popular and successful human fighters in the sport, but a devastating loss ended with the musclebound luchadore getting both of his arms ripped off. Thankfully, El Dragón's comically oversized robot arms make him a force to be reckoned with in battle.

You can find out more by visiting the link above which comes with a pair of in-game videos.

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