TroveShop : A Stack of Packs and Patron Perks!

Introducing a stack of new packs, designed to suit every play style. If you’re a builder, a brawler, a completionist, or a perfectionist, we have just what you need! Plus, with the introduction of Battleverse PvP, we’re also adding even more oomph to our Patron benefits!

The Collector’s Pack

  • 12 Omni Mount Unlockers (unlock any Meownt, Pemblock, or Adventure Mount you don’t already have)
  • 100 Omni Style Unlockers (designed by Tribe) – Unlocks a random equipment style you don’t already have
  • Hat of hats – An extra tall hat designed by Tribe
  • 2 Golden Chaos Chests that have a guaranteed rare item inside!

The Creator’s Pack

  • Bull Dozer – A new steam powered bull mount that can destroy blocks in your Club World as you ride (designed by Screamheart)
  • Big Bomb Legendary Tome – Get 40 big bombs, for free, once a week (great for destroying large collections of blocks)
  • A ton of blocks and ore to get you building: 500 infinium, 1000 formicite, 5000 shapestone, 9999 of each primal block
  • 50 Omni decoration recipes (unlocks a random decoration recipe you don’t already have unlocked)

The Radiant Pack (Includes all resources needed to take a Resplendent item up to Radiant quality)

  • 9999 Flux
  • 999 Eyes of Qubthulu
  • 2 Twice Forged Shadow Soul
  • 2 Thrice Forged Shadow Soul
  • 2 Quad Forged Shadow Soul
  • 3 Penta Forged shadow Soul
  • 3 Purified Flame

The Battle Pack

  • 20 Battle Boxes
  • Permanent +2 Battle Factor
  • A War Tiger, War Wolf, and Terror Turtle variant (designed by FriedSushi)

These packs provide fantastic rewards, and are only available for purchase once per account. The Radiant and Battle packs require reaching Mastery Rank 10 before they are unlocked on the Trove Store.

Now that we’ve covered the packs, let’s look at the perks of being a Patron! 3, 6, and 12 month Patron Passes are now available for sale directly from the Trove Store! Not only are they for sale, but they are ON sale as well. Receive a special, discounted price when purchased in game! Take advantage of the savings while you can, because they are here for a limited time! Trove Patrons also get double Battle Factor and double the speed at which you earn Battle Boxes, in addition to all the previous benefits!

Whether you’re looking to ride a mechanical bull with a hankering for blocks, unlock a PvP mount to strike fear into the hearts of your foes, access a stack of styles, or charge up your Patron status, we have something for everyone!

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