3 Ways to Get More Flux in Trove in 2016


Basically everything in Trove needs Flux and there are two ways to generate it – deconstructing items with the Loot Collector or opening boxes. However players are able to trade Flux between each other and due to that Flux has become the unofficial currency in Trove.

Thanks to that you can buy everything your heart desires if you have enough Flux in your pocket. On the other hand you can sell everything in the game to others players for their Flux and with the introduction of the player marketplace – both – buying and selling items has become a child’s play.

Thanks to that the acquisition of Flux reached a new level and hourly rate of more than 10.000 Flux are easily to reach. This guide will provide you three different methods of Flux farming in Trove allowing you to pick the one which fits your personal style. Following this guides will allow you to reach the state of a Fluxillionaire with ease.

Bomb Mining is the most fundamental farming method in Trove. You need close to nothing to effectively mine with this tactic. The only thing that this method require are bombs, but do not fear the investment in your first 500 bombs you will get it back multiple times.

As trading has become available for everybody since Trion introduced the player marketplace the possible Flux per hour for miners increased drastically. With the right mining method you are not only gathering hundreds of ores but regional based material and recipe scrolls as well.

In general you could say there are two ways of efficient bomb mining – the cave mining in the volcano regions and the surface mining in cursed vales, fae regions, deserts or candoria.

Generally you should always go bomb mining on a class that is not yet max level as you will encounter a lot of recipe dungeons and thus you can level your alt classes while farming. Always have bombs in your inventory even while you are not mining if you way crosses a big vein 2 bombs will make sure you get that extra ore into your pocket.
A fast mount will greatly increase your income as you have to travel long distances.
Adding a few more +Jumps on your equipment will increase your overall mobility while mining.
Never switch into build mode! Throw a bomb or two on a vein and keep going even if there are still 2-3 ores left – the time you waste to get those results in more loss per hour than running to the next vein.

Cave Mining
Cave Mining creates the highest rate of ores and primodorial flames per hour yet besides some Bleached Bones you basically get nothing besides that. Besides that it might also take some time to fine a cave in a volcano region. Due to those facts I am not recommending you generally do Cave Mining but combine it with the surface mining. In short – whenever you find a cave go in but do not run around searching for one.

Surface Mining
Surface Mining basically means bombing the ore veins that are easily visible while running through the different regions. In addition Surface Mining will generate a lot of regional materials like Somber Souls or Cupcakes as well as Recipes/Blank Scrolls and a couple of items for deconstructing resulting in even more Flux per hour.

Those numbers are based on the lowest player marketplace price for each item at the day this guide was written.

Average Yield for 5 minutes of Surface Mining in Cursed Vale
250 Shapestone
30 Formicite
20 Infinium
10 Primordial Flames
10 Somber Souls
2 Orange Items
1 Recipe/Blank Scroll

Radiant Shard Hunting

While Radiant Shard farming were always resulting in a good amount of Flux per hour it was sometimes problematic to sell huge amounts of Radiant Shards. Thanks to the player marketplace this problem is gone and you are basically able to sell every amount of Radiant Shards in no time.

To be able to hunt for Radiant Shards you need access to the Sky Realm this can either being achieved with crafting your own Sky Portal and your own Club (as the Sky Portal needs to be placed inside a Club World) or by simply joining one of the many existing Clubs in Trove. Other than the access to a Sky Portal only wings are needed for farming Radiant Shards.

Once you entered the Sky Realm you need to look for the Sky Lairs which are shown on the world map.

At the bottom of each Lair you will find a Dark Heart.

Upon use it will spawn Radiant Boxes. The destruction of those boxes result in the drop of Radiant Shards and once the time is up there is a chance to receive a Radiant Cache as well.

Shadow Tower – Pinata God

On the other hand this farming method requires the highest preparation of all three methods. A radiant weapons is a MUST! and the better your equipment the better the groups that will take you. Calculate with a few hundred thousand Flux as investment to get the most out of this farming method as below level 40 it is very hard to find a top group.

If you meet the requirements farming Pinata God can easily exceed in over 25.000 Flux per hour up to more than 35.000 Flux on a Friday when the Shard Daily Bonus is active.
While finding a Club, that doing Shadow Tower on a regular base, is the best option you have to at least join the two major Shadow Tower farming chat channels /join ST and /join SA to do this method effectively. In those channels you will find farming groups in no time.

The time searching a group can be greatly reduces if you have a character level 42 and or a full Critical build featuring the Surestrike Emblem. While you can find groups as any class your chances for invites into a top farming grou

Flux Farming – Conclusion

For the most effective farming I recommend that you farm different things based on the daily bonus.

E.g. mining on a Tuesday will either save you 50% of your time or resulting in ~50% more Flux at the end of the day which is simply more effective than mining on every other day of the week. The same rule applies for Radiant and Shadow Shard farming on Fridays.

Overall those high numbers of hourly Flux income are only possible thanks to the player marketplace. Before you always had to search for a trading partner resulting in at least the same time, that was used for farming, watching the trade chat and often your trade partner took only a small part of your stock in addition a lot of items have now a much higher value than they had before due to the higher demand of those. Now all the time you need to sell something is to check the price on the player marketplace and then to list your item.

In fact, there is another way to the Flux – Buy Trove Flux from the seller online, if you search in Google with a key word “Trove Flux”, you will see many online store that offers the Trove Flux!

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