TroveShop : 25% Off Past Dragon Caches – Dragons Rise Again!

Past Dragons Return!
A good dragon will not stay gone for very long, and a great dragon will return with a vengeance!

Every dragon to take to the skies over Trove’s shattered realms is back this week, and their Dragon Caches are 25% off!

If you’ve been aching for an Azulian, begging for a Bone Dragon, or missing the Moonwing, this could be your last chance to unlock these ancient guardians for a very long time!

The complete list of returning dragons:

Azulian Dragon
Neon Dragon
Ancient Dragon
Moonwing Dragon
Bone Dragon
Winter Dragon

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. These fire-breathing beasts will rain chaos on all who oppose you, and look great doing it!

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