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Console Updates & Trove’s Next Expansion

Trion announced updates for PS4 and Xbox One including details on the official launch for consoles and the next big expansion for Trove that includes Shadow Tower updates, power rank updates, and ringcrafting updates!

Just to tell you guys the game is not going to be a new game the game is just going to get out of beta version and all the updates will happen you will keep all of your stuff and nothing will change the game will just get a lot of updates and the game will get out of beta and go into full game mode!

they need to improve or fix the gem system to be honest. i think they are abusing the cash shop because gems fail and break to much. I dont like to much how gear in a sense doesnt matter because most of your power rank comes from gems and gems seem to be extremely random...

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In-depth trove guide / tutorial for beginners on xbox one & PS4 consoles

Is Trove on Consoles better than PC? Today we’ll start a new file and Let’s Play series of Trove on the Xbox One Console Version! In this video, I’ll talk about the difference between Trove on PC and Xbox One / PS4, explain How to Play Trove and How Trove Works for new players & beginners.

When I first started playing my RT and LT were broken so I couldn’t attack in the tutorial so I tried getting the first enemy to fall off the edge but he got stuck in the ground and I had to reinstall the game.

I am thinking that they made all classes credits for the beta. You can choose the one you want at the start then you get another class coin to choose whatever other one you want. I hope they remove credits and let you buy with cubits for atleast some of the other classes after beta.

The clan is l...

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Trove’s pay to win update is coming

People could already do that with this magical technique called “buying accounts”. Why do you care if some stranger has the same PR as you when he paid for it? He is the one letting Trion keep the game running, you are just a freeloader and his PR has zero impact on you except for maybe contests (though reaching the top 250 is hopeless right now anyways because of people with insane 22k+ PR and max mastery points).

Lemme explain this. Pre-Trove has never been pay to win. Every thing except things that just change how you look ( there are very few exceptions) has been free to earn. And now that players who want to pay for better items makes Trove pay to win, according to scythe. Then he says that the game is difficult to play without these things and patron...

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