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If trove had “real” titan bosses!! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove PC

Today in Trove PC, we’ll show off some new Mini Game / PVP arenas in Team Pixel before heading to U9 on our Neon Ninja Rage Speed Build (the fastest way to farm in the game) before heading to Varros, one of the most epic club worlds in Trove.Trove is a free to play open-world voxel MMORPG with random generated biomes featuring player created dungeons and content. Mounts, Dragons and much more was lovingly created by the community and added to the game!

how about this, when Dev remove dotm and put other boss maybe dev will make dotm into a class, like dotm finally realized that her doing was wrong, so she join in our team to help fight the darkness in trove XD.

My favourite club world is Lordfafy’s club world (Sry that it’s not yours scythe XD)...

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Fishing only takes one key

Fishing only takes one key. By press B your inventory will open and your camera wont change its angle while fishing. And then the only key you need is “F” (by default) to throw out your pole or pull it back in when you catch a fish. This means that you can easy fish while watching a movie; but still listening careful to trove to hear when you hook a fish.

I noticed you can’t walk in trove trough teamviewer on your phone; unless your “moving” buttons aren’t the “arrow” buttons. So make sure you’re already on spot when you start fishing. Or change your controlkeys to letters you don’t already use for other things.

Maybe just maybe, if the devs make fishing more rely on skill than grinding then MAYBE we shouldn’t botting...

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Emblems getting patched!! ✪ Scythe plays Trove on PS4

They shouldn’t be too hard to get and anyway if they do get patched then you just have to be more careful, I’m going to get surestrike tomorrow and then I will work on the arcane emblems and martial emblems.

i’m from Germany and i play Trove since 2 weeks or little bit more im on level 20 my mastery level is 24 and my class is Revenant.On ps4 so how u get mastery lvl 39 and so much power rank.

Trove try crafting a lot and doing a lot more than dungeon grinding. I was really into getting steed feed and making rings so doing things like that will get you higher up. My pirate captain is level 23 but mastery is 41 just from doing random things, mining, getting dragons, etc

tomb raiser on ps4 is glitched because i an only spawn 1 little skeleton (idk the name for the name for them) or 2 and th...

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