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Fishing only takes one key

Fishing only takes one key. By press B your inventory will open and your camera wont change its angle while fishing. And then the only key you need is “F” (by default) to throw out your pole or pull it back in when you catch a fish. This means that you can easy fish while watching a movie; but still listening careful to trove to hear when you hook a fish.

Yes it is, using 3rd party software to do something for you is called laziness. And it shouldn’t be boring to fish, whenever I fish I chat to people in clubs, which is fun sometimes, and if you do get bored, you should probably consider alternating between actions, such as go out adventuring or just simply go out and build something.

I do not think you understand the purpose of this thread...

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Console Updates & Trove’s Next Expansion! Trove News

This week, Trion announced updates for PS4 and Xbox One including details on the official launch for consoles and the next big expansion for Trove that includes Shadow Tower updates, power rank updates, and ringcrafting updates!

Was there any talk about a reworking of the way we level up gems? I’m mainly talking about the “Fail to Upgrade” system, and how it goes up to what seems like a 98%+ chance to fail to upgrade until the Karma bar is full on high quality gems.

they need to improve or fix the gem system to be honest. i think they are abusing the cash shop because gems fail and break to much. I dont like to much how gear in a sense doesnt matter because most of your power rank comes from gems and gems seem to be extremely random. dont get me wrong im a newbie on xbox...

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The low tier rewards are of course going to remain score based like

As a suggested alternative, instead of additively adding XP and PR, instead it should be added multiplicatively, since that encourages players even more to grind in the highest ubers they can access.

The low tier rewards are of course going to remain score based like they are now, so getting those would be similar to the xp contest, except you need to play as that specific class, which helps with diversifying the gameplay, they could even still just require power rank and not xp!

Since the class contests will be more focused (eg, players can’t compete on multiple contests at the same time) the rewards of each contest needs to be upped to compensate, ideas that came to mind was giving chaos coins to the top 3 of each contest, upping the amount of dark vaults given per contest from 10 to 15,...

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Chaos Chest Farming Guide! How to Farm Untradable Chaos Chest In Trove

Power rank doesnt really kick in until you reach around level 25. My tip is to keep replacing your gems with higher PR and not worry about the stats until 10k PR. The absolute most important items that will give you PR are empowered gems which you can get from weekly contests and killing daughter of the moon. A level 1 empowered gem will give you 500-700 PR alone and you can have 3 by level 25. These you want to upgrade.

Would this be the fastest way to get 30-day Patron Passes? I got really disheartened by chaos chests no longer being farmable, I can’t see myself getting patron by actually purchasing it with money.

I think you shouldn’t put the flux price on the chaos chests because they are untradable and the tradable chaos chest price is not stable and you made that flux in total by ad...

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Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content

For an instance, just imagine that you’re a live-streamer or a content creator streaming or creating videos about Trove: What kind of content can you use or show? Basically just grinding, unboxing, building, pvping. You have to agree, that may be interesting to you but not to some of your viewers. This is kind of unfair to the live-streamers and content creators: They’re having fun showing off Trove gameplay and interacting with the viewers, yet because there is a lack of content they can’t attract too many viewers.

Trove needs a new type of gameplay/content, something that players will never get bored of, and will look forward to. Something that constantly refreshes, something that is more addictive besides just grinding out dungeons, killing monsters over and over again.

I have a suggest...

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WHY TO PLAY TROVE! ✪ Scythe Plays Trove

Ah so thats why i am crashing alot, code not to snuff on multi thread processor issues? Followed Trion’s help from checking memory sticks to stopping unnecessary services, processes, programs to checking the harddrive integrity and also reinstalling Trove multiple times from scratch Glyph Installer included and placing the settings at the lowest possible oh yeah and increasing the memory page to the max. Nope still crashing continuously. But still love this game go figure.

Man i like your videos, i used to start trove without knowing anything, and, ending by getting lost in the game and i found your channel, watched all tutorials, watching most of your videos, and it’s funny, instructive and stuff, thanks for helping me through the game! By the way, my IGN is Nipplemaster, i know, weird n...

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That gem swappers and contest snipers won’t exist anymore

Just making a quick post to share my opinion on these contests, and to present you lovely trovians with an idea that could turn the game into something more enjoyable.

Currently, the players with the best luck and the biggest wallets (only to an extend) are dominating the top spots of the class contests, meaning that nobody besides other players of the same caliber would be able to get their hands on those chaos coins. (and to an extend the dark vaults) This has to stop.

This is your chance to speak up about this issue, whether relevant to my idea or not, let our voices be heard!

The solution i thought about for this is changing the class contests to be based on xp gained with that class, regular xp multipliers like patron and saturday wouldn’t affect these boards, instead to still keep po...

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How to Increase Performance for Trove on Xbox One & PS4 – Hidden Performance Options

Do you know how to speak Spanish? Because I like your video but I do not understand anything I’m using a translator to write this the idea that you could give if you know how to speak in Spanish is to create a channel for Spanish speakers.

trove on console is already “complete” they just have to port the rest of the PC updates to console. like I said, the console release is meant for only console players, if you play on PC, don’t bother with console. console release is designed to draw in people who don’t use PC and only console game.

I’m lucky I’m guessing...

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Continue to release free class coins due to unexpected downtimes

Making all the classes P2P sounds ludicrous and any new player who picks a gunslinger, pirate captain , or neon ninja will surely end up leaving one time or another because they are so far outclassed compared to the new classes. Costumes being P2P is completely understandable, but limiting what a player can play sounds ridiculous. I would not want to be limited to just one character, then just to try another character i’d have to pay 10 dollars THEN find out I don’t like that one either-bad move. I can understand removing the old mounts, they are outdated and pale in comparison to other mounts.

I think lowering initial Cubits and Raising the cubit prices in the store would be fine, unless they’re going to be made so incredibly expensive you will only get one thing per month...

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Trove: The First Livestream

Explore, discover, and create in Trion’s latest passion project, Trove! Follow our devs as they take you on a journey through a limitless voxel universe and preview how your ideas will contribute to development earlier than ever before.

This game is like cubeworld but it seems a little better, thats only because Cube World is still needs to be finished because they have to add music, the story, new classes, etc.

ALL MMO’s are a rip from one another, and most of your games have things that were invented for players in illegal private wow servers. Many aspects of all games currently F2P took from the wow private server community including WoW, than later ripped by everyone else...

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