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Trove: it’s hard for builders and creators to connect better

I also quit for awhile too. Back right before the Chloromancer came out and I came back 3 weeks ago. Things seem a lot different now but the MoP update doesn’t bother me and the classes for credits doesn’t either because I have so many class coins. The MoP is all grinding and RNG which is nothing I didn’t expect from this game. If people don’t learn to enjoy the simple things in this game then they’ll eventually get bored of it.

It’s fun to build stuff and see what things others will build . For me it’s mostly the fact that you can make your homeworld become anything you want and that is not what other games can offer . Do you want your home in a mmo game to be Mines of Moria or maybe the Bedrock from Flintstones .. there is no limit .

The problem is that it’s hard for builders and creator...

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One isn’t necessarily better than the other in simple terms. The equation for damage is PD*(1+CH*CD). The more physical damage you have, the less it weighs. You can have 120k PD and only 400% CD and someone with 90k PD and 1000% CD will have much much higher dps. Hope this helps.

I have no idea what to say int his poetic response but I CAN say congratz, max Goodall, you won the Regular Centaur!!! Just catch Scythe online, whisper/spam him EVEN if he’s appearing offline and he’ll give you this prize!!! Enjoy!

Not always. 120k raw with, say 400-500 crit won’t do as much as 90k with 1000 crit. Likewise, 60k raw and 1200 crit would be doing worse. You want a balance, as stacking more of one gradually makes less impact than stacking both.

All three...

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The rewards are cumulative

This is beyond sad. Saved money to make sure I could donate a good amount for the extra life pack this year. Should have known better than to look forward to something in this game because you always get disappointed. I can only pray you are wrong and they are just not recycling last years pack… sad.

As you may know, the last couple of years I’ve been doing a 24 hours Trove Creations livestream in support of Extra Life. This year is no different! I’ll be streaming for 24 hours starting on Saturday, November 5th. The agenda is the same as last year – you can donate here and have me make a style, hairstyle, helmet, ally, mount, costume or dragon, with a ‘Designed By’ credit to a name of your choice...

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I need help for a late game choice what class should I go with into the late game the choices are Tomb Raiser, Candy Barb, Pirate Captain, Neon Ninja, and Boomeranger I need a class that can grind easily and last a long time also the class should be a tank and a huge damage dealer. Also I can do two classes into the late game so recommend one or two classes.

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Trove: new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class

Hello, I’m still fairly new to Trove and extremely new to the Knight class(started with a revenant) and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a hybrid style build for the Knight class. I’m looking for something that does decent damage but will also have the sustainability to solo things without to much trouble. I currently have a pure tank class so I really don’t want to build my knight to be a pure tank but I’m having a lot more fun with the Knight so I kinda wanna build it to be a hybrid/best of both worlds Tank and DPS class. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciate!


The answer is no. No because there aren’t any good builds for this type of stuff, rather it’s because the class itself can not support that kind of build...

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You mean it is a potato? Can you make mashed potatoes out of it? o.o But anyways, congratz, Angkan Ng Shing Shang Fu, you won the Centaur!!! Just catch Scythe or Joe(NintenJoeGamer) online, whisper/spam them, EVEN if they’re appearing offline and one of them will give you this prize! Enjoy!

Hihi dudes and dudettes!! I hope you all are doing wonderfully and thanks for being patient for so long XD I wanna congratulate, DaMiningPEKKA // LTHL...

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Excellent Feedback from our customers in Runescape website

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Some questi...

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Trove: ready to have a bunch of lower level players getting fast fire dragons

The problem with that though is that is client side lag. I’m sure people with monster computers lagged a lot less than people who were on potatoes. This situation is different because the data is world changing and must be rendered server side and affects the actual world physics for all players. It’s not nearly as easy to fix as settings that just dumb down visual effects.


We are about ready to have a bunch of lower level players getting fast fire dragons (you know they are all gonna want the red one first) and we are back to the early days of challenges with people crashing non stop. This is a major concern that needs to be addressed. I’m hoping Trion isn’t just crossing their fingers and hoping that it doesn’t play out that way...

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HOW TO GET PINATATAUR & CELEBRATION PINATA IN TROVE! Trove Pinata Inaders Event Guide & Tutorial

A lot of luck,coz for almost every invaders i got a pinata. so its already 2 coins per invaders. around 10 people, thats 20 coins per invasion. invasions are every 5 mins, so there are 12 invasions per hour. 12*20 is 240. i sometimes they dropped no pinatas tho.

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Trove: anything that can be farmed with multiple accounts right now will go up in price

The economy would crash in this game. The price of everything would raise/lower as the amount of people supplying them would dwindle. People with a ton of flux right now would rein for a long period as the flux entering the market would flop.

Anything that can be farmed with multiple accounts right now will go up in price. That ‘might’ help the person who isn’t farming with multiple accounts as the items they farm will sell for more however the items they wish to buy will also cost more. I believe a lot of people would become less ‘lazy’ and stop just buying everything.

The amount of flux placed into the system right now because of alts running STs is a lot. Removing said flux would in return bring the price of everything down as the value of flux would go up...

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