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troveshop – Snail Games To Return To MMO Gaming With New Hardcore Games Announced

Snail Games USA today lifted the lid on a number of incredibly exciting projects in the MMO space following years of exploration in the mobile gaming market. Returning to their roots as developers of the hottest MMORPG games Snail Games USA have confirmed a number of new projects aimed at the hardcore gaming market on PC.

Developed on Unreal Engine 4 and a sequel to the hugely popular Age of Wushu, the first new title unveiled by Snail Games USA is Age of Wushu II. As a hardcore sandbox MMO experience Age of Wushu II builds in the success of its predecessor with more immersive environment, better detailed textures, new visual effects, a host of new characters and a massive sandbox world for players to explore and conquer.

Another sandbox title from Snail Games USA, Age of Sail II: Pirate ...

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World Of Warcraft Feature Pullled After Making Players Feel Sick on troveshop

The seemingly infallible developers of World of Warcraft announced recently that they are removing one of the games recently added features following reports from players that it’s causing sickness. Dominating the MMORPG space for over a decade World of Warcraft continues to be one of the most successful and most played MMORPG games of our time.

It appears however that even Blizzard are not immune to the odd fumble. According to a post on the official website the team have removed the Action Cam from the game completely. There are plans to hopefully reintroduce the feature back into the game at some point but the team first want to look into the issues that are causing motion sickness and headaches. The problem began with the release of the v7...

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troveshop – ARK: Survival Evolved Celebrates New Mode Update With Steam Free Trial

Studio Wildcard have released yet another highly anticipated list of new features and mechanics to the critically acclaimed online survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved. Anyone that frequents the island will undoubtedly be familiar with the quality and quantity of the update content in recent months and today the developers are hoping to extend that reputation as they offer all Steam members a free access weekend that’s already underway. The game will be available to download and play entirely for free until the end of Sunday, July 31st.

Along with the free weekend players can look forward to a host of new content including the official launch of the mod Primitive+, Redwood Biomes introduced to The Center Map, Center Map expanded to feature more islands, biomes, caves and creatures...

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troveshop – Beta Update Marks End Of NDA For The Elder Scrolls Online: Legends

The award-winning developers behind The Elder Scrolls franchise today announced that a new wave of information is coming for Bethesda’s latest entry into the online space, The Elder Scrolls Legends. The game has been in Closed Beta testing for a couple of months now and has been operating under a strict NDA – meaning users are not allowed to publish content relating to the game that includes footage or screenshots. Today marks the release of the NDA and players are now invited to stream the game, discuss it with friends or share their thoughts on the game through social media.

Long-term players will also be happy to hear that last weeks character wipe for The Elder Scrolls: Legends is the last, meaning all progress and rewards moving forward will not be deleted or your account removed...

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troveshop – Revelation Online Introduces Blademaster Class

NetEase and My.com are offering fans the opportunity to dive deeper into the class system in the upcoming release of Revelation Online as today the developer/publisher combo released a brand new trailer highlighting one of the games most exciting classes. Previously the team released a video showcasing each of the classes in action for the first time but today’s release is offering a deeper insight into one specific class, The Blademaster.

Following a strict warrior code The Blademaster enjoys the skills and abilities of masters from throughout the ages, learning the arts of defense and close-quarters combat. Their intricate knowledge of melee combat alongside the ability to take dual wielded swords into battle make them a deadly foe for any would be assailant.

“With the creation of each...
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