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Trove Suggestion – Paladin class

The paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of good and order, and is a divine spell caster.

paladin’s are a hybrid sorta melee/spellcaster class even a healer.
I will focus the classic paladin melee/healer.

Skill’s should be somthing like this

LMB: Slash- slash your sword at foe’s

RMB: Shield bash – bash your foe’s in the face, knocking them back and stunning them for a few seconds (AOE) up to 3 targets

1: Healing touch – heal yourself and friendly’s around you. AOE

ULT: Tank test : Increases your Max health, Stability and Gain Agro of all enemies around for 10 seconds, at the cost of becoming slower and dealing less damage.
Lets talk about these skills

Slash is a basic melee attack, But will be very slow due to his huge sword...

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TroveShop : Holiday Patron Sale – Treat Yourself!

Patron Sale!

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: Patron status! Buy a 3, 6, or 12 month Patron Pass from our online store before January 4th and you’ll save a bundle!

Trove Patrons receive perks to help keep those New Year’s resolutions of being awesome:

  • +50% Bonus XP – Level up faster with more XP gain
  • +4 Chaos Factor – Increase chaos and get 4 bonus Chaos Chests every day you play!
  • +2 Flask Capacity – Add 2 more flasks to your stack o’ flasks and adventure your heart out
  • +5 Jump – Leap to greater heights with bonus jumps added to your multi-jump stat
  • +50 Lasermancy – Collect ore at super speed with a boost to your mining skill
  • +100% Crafting Speed – Craft blocks, bombs, and more, at double speed!
  • +200 Magic Find – Collect stronger, more powerful loot in all of your adventu...
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Update 2 – Emergency Maintenance – 12/21/2015

Update 2 – 1:55 PM PST / 9:55 PM GMT – We’ve made some additional changes and are bringing servers back online for testing. Once we’re confident that things are running smoothly, we’ll allow players in. However, to avoid unexpected issues, we will have a low population cap set, at first, so you will see queues. They won’t last very long, but we will hold them in place while we confirm the servers are running smoothly.

[UPDATE – 1:15 PM PT / 21:15 GMT]
The team has made the decision to bring the servers down once again in order to address the “Entering World: 0%” error that many users have been running into. Work continues, and we have no estimated time for when Trove will be back online.

Greetings, folks.

We’re bringing the servers down to address some instability that started in the last ...

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So like I post some of my screenshots

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TroveShop : Weekly Trove Livestream – 12:20 PM PST / 8:20 PM GMT – 12/18/2015


Join us this Friday on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel! We’ll be answering your questions, showing off some fan art, and discussing what is ahead for Trove (possible Trove spoilers).

Ask questions of the dev team via Twitter with #AskTrove.

Trove Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, December 18 at 12:20 PM PST / 8:20 PM GMT
Duration: 40 minutes

Make sure to stay until the end for a chance to win one of our giveaways! For every 100 viewers we’ll give away a Trove Carpet mount, for every 1000 viewers we’ll be giving away a Chaos Coin, and we’ll give out one complete Winter Dragon to a lucky viewer!

We’ll see you there!

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TroveShop : The Chloromancer Is Available Now!


The Chloromancer has arrived, and Flower Power is about to spread across Trove!

With a mix of powerful heals, and potent attacks, this jolly green guardian is a force of nature. Learn all about the Chloromancer from our class preview.

Bring a character to level 5 in Trove and unlock a unique Trove inspired Dimension in RIFT. If you reach level 10 on any Trove class, you’ll automatically unlock a unique RIFT cloak from the Plane of Cubes for all your RIFT characters! Bring any Trove class to level 20 and unlock Vox, the Budgie mount in RIFT!

The Flower Power Pack is also available now from the Trove Store! This new bundle is built to beautify your Chloromancer, and the world around you!

You’ll also be able to unlock the Chloromancer class in Trove by completing a quest in RIFT...

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TroveShop : Winter Sale – Dress to Impress!

Winter Sale

Trove is having a sale on costumes to keep your Trovian toasty this winter!

With Snowfest in full swing, adventurers should bundle up before bringing down bands of baddies. Now you can look cool while staying warm. Save 50% on these costumes from the Trove Store!

  • Bone Knight
  • Uberman
  • Bee Trickster
  • Dreamolyte
  • Heartbleed
  • Dark Infineon
  • Molten Fury
  • Shadow’s Shroud
  • Ghost Pirate
  • Magic Man
  • Soulkeeper
  • Twilight Temperance
  • Candorian Praetorian

It may be a winter wonderland out there, but you can still look your best with these hot deals!

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TroveShop : Flower Power Pack – Let the Sunshine In

Flower Power

The Chloromancer has taken root in Trove, and is cranking Flower Power up to 11.

This practitioner of natural magic can unleash organically grown chaos on your enemies while bringing herbal remedies to your allies! To learn all about this green guardian, check out our Chloromancer preview.

The Flower Power pack includes:

  • Chloromancer Class
  • Myco Medic Costume
  • Evergreen Evoker Costume
  • Legendary Tome of Instagrowers

Adorned with unique costumes, and wielding a Tome of Instagrowers, you’ll always be in the green!

Discuss the Flower Power pack on our forums.

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Trove as a MMO, what is the end-game plan for Trove?

Hello there,

My name is Bitbox and I’ve played on and off since pretty much alpha, leveling here and there and well, taking the game in its pace.

The main reason I’m posting this is well, I’m a veteran of sorts to online games, from Starwars galaxies, Ryzom online, WoW, Rift and a whole bunch more.

When I’m playing trove, past level 6? there really feels a lack of motivation to progress my character other than getting new items to complete my look or some more starts, but for the actual class in its self, there is no real drive, focus or system in place to enhance my class, to change my game-play other than the same four keys I unlocked at level 6.

So what I’m asking is this – states and looks aside, what serious class progression can players be looking to expect from Trove at the later st...

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TroveShop : Class Preview: The Chloromancer


Stemming from the RIFT class, but with roots firmly planted in Trove, the Chloromancer proves that sometimes it IS easy being green!

Chlorophylled to the max with flower power, this leafy legionnaire brings Trove healing to a whole new level. Don’t think of this gluten free guardian as a one trick poinsettia, because the Chloromancer also brings nature’s brute force to the table.

Your main attack (left mouse button) casts bolts of natural magic that pass through fellow players and minions, healing them, while simultaneously causing damage to enemies.

Phytobarrier (Passive)
When the Chloromancer’s health drops below 50%, a shield goes up, absorbing an amount of damage based on your maximum health.

Leafy Lasher (right-click)
Toss a plant that grows over time – you can speed up the...

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