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TroveShop : Summer Piñata Sale – Heat Waves Goodbye


Summer Piñatas ride off into the sunset this Monday, October 5! If that makes you hot under the collar, don’t sweat – they’re 50% off at the in-game store all week.

These scorching scamps contain a veritable cornucopia of the hottest loot to share with all your friends. Unlock seasonal Summer Recipes, unique Summer Styles, and maybe even the sizzling Summer Piñata mount!

Stock up on summer savings now, and save them for a rainy day!

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TroveShop : Chaotic Adventure Week! 3x Adventure Boxes and 2x Chaos Chests


This is a huge week for Trovians! All this week you will receive two Chaos Chests for every Chaos Factor you have tied to your account. Not only that, but you’ll also receive triple the Adventure Boxes from beating baddies!

Chaos Chests have a chance at containing Squeakers the Flying Squirrel, as well as the Santa Barbarian costume, and a ton of other cool stuff. Trove Patrons receive +4 Chaos Factor. Type /chaosfactor to see how much you have.

Every Adventure Box that has ever been available in Trove is back for this week only! This is your chance to get those rare and semi-retired items. Hungry for a Cookiephant? Breathless for a Budgie? Dreaming of a Dragon Roll? Get 3x the Adventure Boxes, 2x the Chaos Chests, and an exponential amount of fun!

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TroveShop : Rad Moonwing Rising – A New Dragon Awaits!

Portended by the coming of the Super Blood Moon, the majestic Moonwing Dragon enters Trove’s shattered realms today! Soar through the heavens atop the Moonwing brood, and quell the Shadow’s rising tide.

Use Dragon Souls, collected from Moonwing Dragon Caches, to power up this precious pet. Get these caches by completing Challenges, or from the Trove Store.

  • 5 Dragon Souls– Unlock the Moonwing Dragonling ally
  • 10 Dragon Souls – Earn the Moonwing Fledgling ground mount
  • 50 Dragon Souls – Take to the skies on the Moonwing Dragon gliding mount
  • 75 Dragon Souls – Receive a permanent buff, Lunar Guidance, that grants +5 Maximum Energy, +1 Jump, and +50 Magic Find. You’ll also unlock the Moonlit Majesty weapon visual effect!
  • 100 Dragon Souls – The legendary Syluria the Enchanting is yo...
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Trove First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

Trove is a new MMORPG that was recently released, It’s free to play on steam and is a game that’s clearly inspired by Minecraft there’s been a lot of hype around this game so this week I decided to check it out in my first impressions series, I condense 4.5 hours worth of gameplay down into 17 minutes to help you decide if It’s an MMORPG worth downloading and playing.

Trove is a really cool game when you get into it. Also. Those random robot things that keep attacking you are special bots that LITERALLY fall from the sky. When you kill the it gives you some kinda resource. Don’t remember what its called though.

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Trove Les challenges – dragon

Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir si cette méthode fonctionne aussi avec l’elder dragon car j’ai vu des joueurs avec cette monture mais je ne sais pas comment l’avoir , si quelqu’un voit ce commentaire et qu’il connais la réponse , je l’invite a me le dire. Merci, sinon + 1 abo et super vidéo.

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SUPER ANGRY MUSHROOMS! The Adventure Begins! – TROVE Gameplay

Trove is an open-ended voxel adventure through countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies great and small. It’s a potent, cube-shaped brew of RPG features combined with the thrill of exploring procedurally-generated worlds – and the unlimited creative freedom to build your own!

Like seriously how the fuck is this related to minecraft I mean it sure is blocky and has mining but it’s way more vast then minecraft and it’s completely insane how many people will take every chance they get to bash minecraft, when I see someone comment who has a minecraft picture, you’d see “Minecraft fag” but like fucking seriously grow up, you’re the ony child here.

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Trove Top 8 Guides for Beginners

Trove Top 8 guides for beginners, allot of questions being asked lately so I’m going to try my best to clear them up for you.

Nice video man, I just discovered this channel and I’m planning on sticking around (= new sub :D)

I don’t have any requests for guides right now because I’m going to check out some of your other videos first so I don’t have to ask you to make a guide on a topic you’ve already made one on :p

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LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER!! Let’s Play Trove Multiplayer Gameplay

this is my first time commenting in ur video. i like really enjoy ur videos and that raptor is so cute i really want it. 😀 username: xXBloodShedXx (btw i tried to add u but u didn’t respond to my friend request.
Rudoolph the raptor! It has a special ring to it 😛 IGN: is TheUnfriendlyLion (like i haven’t commented on like all your vids lol)

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CALL OF CTHULHU!! Let’s Play Multiplayer Gameplay

I hope you enjoy my Trove Let’s Play, Trove Playthrough, Trove Walkthrough, Trove Gameplay.
✍ Trove is a F2P (Free-to-Play) Voxel MMO RPG adventure with tight controls and a great community! Trove isn’t just Minecraft Online, it’s more like Cube World and what it promised to become. Trove includes random generated worlds, an open-world map to explore, quests and an action battle system making it one of my all-time favorite online games!

You should have to give stuff away for likes. Fans who actually care about you and your channel growth will like the video anyway, although it is nice you offer things for simply liking and commenting. Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve been busy and Trove isn’t my #1 game anymore.

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Trove Ep.? You Have to Watch The End It Funny

Hey Guys Hope You Enjoyed PLease Leave A Like A Subscribe For More And See You Guys Later!

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