1v1 hero mirror matches between pro players is as fun as it sounds – troveshop.net

It’s nice to take a break from the highly competitive team environment every now and then. Especially when the alternative is a highly competitive 1v1 environment where the main goal is to style on your opponent at every possibility.

Udall probably wants this clip to go away but I enjoyed it too much to ever let that happen.

So you can watch it here.

Or here if you missed the first couple of links.

Thanks to Yuuj’s stream we can watch all sorts of hilarious (yet surprisingly intense) 1v1 mirror matches. Kharazim, Valla, Brightwing, Illidan and even Cho’gall matches are featured, all backed with raucous and highly disrespectful commentary. 

These shenanigans are exactly why the single lane map Lost Cavern was released. If you want more silly formats taken seriously, check out the community tournament Nexxaramas streamed at twitch.tv/randomchampionshipseries.

Check out some other cool moments from the 1v1 stream sessions: 

  • Zeratul 1v1
  • Kharazim 1v1

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